Abrasive Blast Systems, Inc. (ABS) designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of industry-leading pneumatic sandblast equipment for industrial applications and organizations across the globe. 
Our equipment includes: sandblast cabinets, other blast cabinets, portable sandblasting equipment, mobile sandblast & recovery equipment, sandblasting rooms, sandblast & recovery equipment, custom sandblasting equipment, automated sandblast equipment, shot peening equipment, slurry blast equipment, etc.

Originally founded in 1979 to provide reasonably-priced, industrial-grade blast equipment, Abrasive Blast Systems has expanded over the years to develop systems for almost every application imaginable.  After 35+ years, you’ll find ABS equipment in facilities around the world, all built to meet our customer’s demand for high-quality equipment.

Based out of our headquarters in Abilene, KS, Abrasive Blast Systems employs an unrivaled team of industry experts, and maintains a manufacturing team of the highest caliber. Our in-house engineers design all ABS equipment and work closely with our manufacturing team to ensure that quality is demanded at every step of the process. All of Abrasive Blast Systems’ equipment is designed for durability and operational-consistency and is manufactured for the highest level of performance.

In addition to abrasive blast equipment (sandblast equipment) and shot peening equipment, ABS also provides top-of-the-line environmental equipment, including: dust collectors, dust containment booths (environmental booths), downdraft benches, etc. Look around on our website to learn more about our products or contact us today to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

New Look. Renewed Focus. Same Company.

You'll begin experiencing a new look and feel here at Abrasive Blast Systems. We're excited about the changes, but rest assured that we're still the same company you've done business with. Along with the new look & feel, we’ll be placing a renewed focus on supporting the needs of our customers.

Personal Service

Work directly with our Engineers and Sales team to identify the best solution for your project.

Product Support

Looking for replacement parts, a modification, or a service-call? The ABS support team will keep your machine like-new.

In-House Engineering

The ABS Engineering team represents a combined 100+ years experience in the Air Blasting industry.

Application Expertise

Over the years, we’ve seen a little of everything. Our experience allows us to tailor a solution for your unique application.


The Abrasive Blast Systems’ sales & engineering teams will work with you to determine the ideal blasting system for your application, provide you with any needed information or consulting, and design your solution from-scratch if needed.  Contact us today to get started!

Abrasive Blast Systems

Abrasive Blast Systems
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