Industry: Industrial Equipment Re-Manufacturer

Application: Rebuild/Re-manufacture Industrial & Municipal Equipment Components

Abrasive Blast Systems, Inc. recently designed and installed a custom blast room which incorporated a below-floor, sweep-in, pneumatic-recovery trough. The blast room is 16’W x 30’L x 17’H and features an overhead crane system with two 5-ton bridge cranes, and a roll-up door to the outside for easy loading and a cleaner operation. After installation, Abrasive Blast Systems started-up the blast system and trained the blast room operators on how to efficiently maintain and troubleshoot the equipment.

Since this blast room and the associated dust collectors are all located within a brand new building addition at the facility, cleanliness & noise were high priority issues that needed to be addressed. To keep the environment clean, Abrasive Blast Systems incorporated high-performance, cartridge-style dust collection systems with an automatic reverse-pulse cartridge cleaning system. To deal with noise suppression, the blast room was lined with replaceable rubber curtains. These curtains also assist with increased wear protection with the blasting environment.

This blast room allowed the organization to bring many processes in-house that they had previously been farming out to an independent organization, giving them increased flexibility and saving them time & money. If you’re organization is considering adding new blast capabilities to your facility, contact us today to get more information on Abrasive Blast System’s Blast Rooms.