ABS Environmental Booths

Environmental Booths
Abrasive Blast Systems’ Environmental Booths are designed to be efficient, quiet, and long-lasting.  These dust containment booths are designed  to serve a variety of industry processes and contaminant scenarios, including: Welding, Sanding, Grinding, Chipping, Buffing, Plasma Cutting, Finishing, Polishing, etc.

The ABS Environmental Booth is fabricated to maintain a minimum of 85 feet per minute (fpm) across the entire face of the booth. The walls and ceilings of the booth are lined with acoustical panels that maintain a quiet and comfortable work environment. In addition, ABS uses these panels to increase the safety of the booth environment by incorporating panels with a Class 1 flame spread and smoke developed rating.

While ABS Environmental Booths can be designed to any size, the standard booth design is 22’6″W x 12’H x 25’D.

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ABS Dust Collectors

Dust Collection Systems
Abrasive Blast Systems has been designing and building Dust Collection Systems since the beginning (1979).  ABS designs all styles of dust collection systems including cartridge-style systems and wet collection systems. Whether you’re looking for a small & simple clothe-envelope style dust collector, a larger cartridge-style system, or a wet dust collection system, we have the expertise to get the job done.

Our most common solution, the cartridge-style system, is engineered to be 99.5% efficient at 0.5 microns.  These systems come with either an automatic or semi-automatic reverse-pulse system helps to increase your filter life, thus decreasing your replacement costs and down-time. In addition, we can design your system with a HEPA filter for increased purity or a muffler for noise-dampening.

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ABS Downdraft Benches

Downdraft & Backdraft Benches
Abrasive Blast Systems’ engineered downdraft and backdraft benches/workstations provide the optimum solution for those who need to maintain a pure working environment.  These solutions are self contained and incorporate ABS’ premium dust collection systems to ensure a clean work surface.

These benches and workstations are effective at collecting and filtering any dust or particles from operations, by drawing it down through a steel-grid work surface or straight back through the back-wall of the workstation.

No matter your application, ABS has the experience and capability to design and build your workstation. Contact us today to get started.

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Experience the ABS Difference

With countless ABS environmental solutions in use around the world today – we have a proven track record for designing and creating efficient, durable, and easy-to-use environmental solutions. Contact us today to receive a quote for your project!