Indexing/Satellite Abrasive Blast Systems

Automated Abrasive Blast Systems for a Wide Variety of Applications
Indexing/Satellite Abrasive Blast Machines
Abrasive Blast Systems has designed a wide variety of indexing blast machines for many different applications. Indexing applications can vary greatly in both the size/complexity of the part as well as the required blast profile/finish. Utilizing our extensive experience with these machines, Abrasive Blast Systems is well equipped to provide the customer with a high-quality, reliable indexing blast system.

ABS indexing blast systems can be semi-automatic or fully-automatic, and can incorporate a wide variety of features, including:
– one stationary nozzle at each blast station
– multiple stationary nozzles at each blast station
– any range of nozzle motion at each blast stations
– any range of part motion at each blast station
– entry/exit blow-off stations
– powered vertical doors
– ABS’ proprietary rotary-head blast head system (utilizes turntable-style operation)

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