PRC Series Blast Cabinets

The PRC Advantage

All-in-One Blast Cabinet System

Engineered Versatility

Highly Efficient Reclaim & Dust Collection System

Safe & Comfortable Operation

Operational Consistency & Durability (Built to Last)


Abrasive Blast Systems’ PRC Blast & Recovery Cabinets are the most versatile, efficient, and durable blast machines on the market today. The PRC Blast Cabinets are capable of performing virtually any cleaning process, processing & reclaiming any type of abrasive media, and ensuring a low-maintenance operation.

The PRC Series is ABS’ engineered pressure-blast system and has a wide variety of standard factory advantages and optional add-ons.  All PRC Series Blast Cabinets come standard with a 1 cubic foot ASME coded pressure vessel, steel hopper, and a step-valve for blast control.  The reclaim system on the PRC Series is engineered with an airwash and screening process for a highly efficient abrasive recycling.  PRC Cabinets utilize ABS’ reverse-pulse, cartridge-style dust collection systems with a high-static blower. The reverse-pulse can be manually operated or automated for increased cleanliness and extended filter life.  In addition to the standard dust collection system and air-filter, a common add-on to the PRC series is a HEPA discharge filter which increases quality of the work environment and adds peace of mind for those utilizing special materials.

ABS offers 5 models in the PRC Line, each with a different available work area and each with a different door opening. These cabinets also come standard with an enlarged viewing window and heavy-duty blast gloves for more comfortable operation. All access and inspection areas are sealed and gasketed to ensure a clean and environmentally friendly system. PRC Cabinets come standard with either a 3/16” or 1/4” tungsten carbide blast nozzle with separate blow-off air.  No electric transformers are needed for ABS PRC Machines as they are engineered to operate on your single-phase or three-phase power source.


Optional Add-Ons

  • Workcar with Track-Extensions for Easier Loading
  • Stationary or Workcar Mounted Turntable
  • Vertical Sliding Door for those with Restrictive Floorplans
  • Tumble-Basket Attachment for Batching of Smaller Parts
  • Rubber-Lined Cabinet & Reclaim for Coarse Abrasives
  • Aerated Feed Valves for Fine Abrasives
  • Automated Reverse-Pulse System for Dust Collectors
  • Special Electric Requirements (i.e. 3 phase, etc.)
  • HEPA Filter
Aerated Feed Valve for Fine Abrasives

PRC Models

Overall Dimensions – 36″W x 48″D x 79″H

Working Dimensions – 32″W x 24″D x 36″H

Door Opening – 20″W x 32″H

Overall Dimensions – 51″W x 58″D x 79″H

Working Dimensions – 42″W x 28″D x 36″H

Door Opening – 24″W x 32″H

Overall Dimensions – 58″W x 69″D x 92″H

Working Dimensions – 48″W x 36″D x 36″H

Door Opening – 32″W x 32″H

Overall Dimensions – 58″W x 79″D x 93″H

Working Dimensions – 48″W x 48″D x 36″H

Door Opening – 32″W x 32″H

Overall Dimensions – 62″W x 68″D x 93″H

Working Dimensions – 60″W x 48″D x 36″H

Door Opening – 44″W x 32″H

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