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Dual Purpose Mobile Blast & Recovery Equipment| ABS Mobile Blast Equipment

This custom mobile blast & recovery system is designed for an incredible level of versatility and is an ideal solution for customers who have a wide variety of mobile blast & recovery applications. As with all ABS blast equipment, this is a durable system that will be utilized for years to come.

Aerospace Internal Pipe Blasting | ABS Custom Sandblast Equipment

Abrasive Blast Systems recently designed and installed a custom blast solution which allows the customer to blast the inside of various sizes of pipes/tubing. The blast lance on this system can be manipulated vertically to center itself within the pipe’s ID, and when started, it runs horizontally throughout the full length of the pipe to blast the entirety of the interior surface.

Adding In-House Blast Capabilities | ABS Blast Rooms

Abrasive Blast Systems, Inc. recently designed and installed a custom blast room which incorporated a below-floor, sweep-in, pneumatic-recovery trough. The blast room is 16’W x 30’L x 17’H and features an overhead crane system with two 5-ton bridge cranes, and a roll-up door to the outside for easy loading and a cleaner operation.

When Durability Matters | ABS Sandblast Cabinets

Abrasive Blast Systems manufactures the highest quality sandblast equipment available on the market today. Organizations around the world rely on Abrasive Blast Systems’ blast cabinets and other sandblast equipment to get the job done without the hassle & frustrations they’ve experienced with lower-quality equipment.