Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing

Application: Custom Blast Equipment to Automatically Blast the Interior of Various ID Pipe/Tubing

Abrasive Blast Systems recently designed and installed a custom blast solution which allows the customer to blast the inside of various sizes of pipes/tubing. The blast lance on this system can be manipulated vertically to center itself within the pipe’s ID, and when started, it runs horizontally throughout the full length of the pipe to blast the entirety of the interior surface. The head of the blast lance features a trigger mechanism to automatically shut down the blast operation upon any collision between the blast-head and the pipe/tubing. Due to the potential for hexavalent chromium in this blast process, the enclosure also incorporates many features to eliminate or recapture any drag-out or carry-out of material/debris.

In addition, this machine features a loading boom & roll-out door/loading-station which allows for large pieces to be easily loaded into the blast enclosure utilizing minimal operators. If needed, this abrasive blast system allows for manual operation & manual blow-off by featuring two manual blast operator stations. These manual stations feature foot pedal blast operation & safety controls to ensure that the automatic blast functionality cannot be operated while the manual stations are in use.

This automatic blast solution is a great example of a customized blast system that Abrasive Blast Systems can design and implement in your facility. If you have an upcoming or existing blast project that you’re looking to update, replace, or implement, then contact Abrasive Blast Systems today. Our team of experts is ready and willing to help with all of your abrasive blasting applications.