Pass-Through Blast Equipment

Automated Abrasive Blast Systems for any application

Rotary-Head Pass-Through Abrasive Blast Systems

Rotary-Head Blast Machines
Abrasive Blast Systems’ rotary-head abrasive blast machines are designed and manufactured to provide the most expansive blast coverage possible for a variety of different part shapes/sizes. Depending on the application, these machines can be designed as a pass-through machine or as a manually-loaded or automatic turntable.

The rotary head blast system utilizes a multiple blast gun assembly which spins 360 degrees at variable speeds. This rotary motion, combined with multiple blast guns & blast gun angles, provides the customer with unrivaled blast coverage & blast efficiency.

Sheet Pass-Through Abrasive Blast Systems

Vertical & Horizontal Sheet Pass-Through Blast Machines
Abrasive Blast Systems has decades of experience designing and manufacturing automated blast equipment, including many systems designed specifically to blast sheet-form parts & products. While traditional sheet-blast systems prefer to blast the product in a horizontal position, ABS also designs and manufactures machines that enable the customer to pass the sheets through in a vertical position. Vertical sheet pass-through systems enable organizations to minimize the footprint of the machine & minimize the elements necessary to eliminate drag out of media/debris.

Custom Pass-Through Abrasive Blast Systems

Custom Pass-Through Abrasive Blast Machines
Abrasive Blast Systems has over 35 years of experience designing and implementing pass-through style blast equipment for organizations around the world. When considering a pass-through system, ABS’ design engineers have the ability generate a budgetary quote quickly & accurately, and will work closely with your team to ensure that the system is ideal for your application and facility. If your organization is considering a pass-through blast system in the future, then contact us today to get started. Our experience and capabilities will ensure that you are provided with the blast machine that you need, on-time & on-budget.

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