Industry: General Manufacturing

Application: Abrasive Blasting to Clean Parts in a Standard Sandblast Cabinet.

Abrasive Blast Systems, Inc. was recently contacted by a large manufacturing organization in a small town. This company is well known in the community for being a trusted employer & for creating quality products in a low-margin market segment. They contacted Abrasive Blast Systems because they were frustrated with the lower quality abrasive blast cabinets that they were currently using. They were tired of consistently having one or two of their blast cabinets out of operation while waiting for replacement parts or patches to get it back online.

Here at Abrasive Blast Systems, we knew instantly that we could relieve their frustrations by providing our industrial-focused Anchor-Series blast cabinets. These blast cabinets are fabricated of 10 & 12 gauge steel and incorporate many features that are unique to Abrasive Blast Systems’ blast cabinets (such as our proprietary ABS dump valve). In addition, ABS sandblast cabinets are more easily customized than any other blast cabinet on the market today. We offer a wide-variety of options & upgrades in multiple categories including: part handling, doors/openings, lighting, wear/protection, operator comfort, abrasive metering, dust collection, and much more.

There are many manufacturing facilities across the country that serve as a testimony to the quality and durability of ABS blast cabinets. Many of these facilities are still using ABS blast cabinets that were delivered in the 1970’s, when Abrasive Blast Systems was first formed.

If you’re tired of trying to make low-quality sandblast equipment get the job done in your facility, then contact us today. We’d love to prove that you can trust our high-quality sandblast equipment to last in your facility.