Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing

Application: Versatile Mobile Blast & Recovery Equipment for Removal of Special Contaminants

Abrasive Blast Systems (ABS) recently designed and delivered a custom mobile blast & recovery solution which features two independent recovery options. When talking with our customer about this specific blast application, it became clear that a standard mobile blast & recovery system was not going to be an effective solution. The main issue was that the multiple processes that this machine would be utilized for might entail the removal of large debris, potentially hazardous materials or many other potential contaminants to the media supply. The customer was concerned about recycling the media for some of these applications due to potential contamination and wanted to be able to switch the system over to recover abrasive/debris straight into the waste container if needed.

The Abrasive Blast Systems’ (ABS) blast system allows the operator to choose between either of two options. For the first operating method, they can blast, recover, separate, and recycle the good media; all in a closed-loop, continuous process. The second operational method allows for the system to blast and recover the media/debris, but rather than recycle & re-use, all media/debris is transported directly to the waste containment vessel. This prevents any debris/contaminants from getting into the media supply.

This system is designed for an incredible level of versatility and is an ideal solution for customers who have a wide variety of mobile blast & recovery applications. As with all ABS blast equipment, this is a durable system that will be utilized for years to come. If you have a unique blast application that you’re considering for, contact ABS today.