Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Application: Custom Blast Equipment to Automatically Feed & Blast Vertical Composite Sheets

Abrasive Blast Systems recently designed & fabricated a custom blast solution which allows the customer to automatically blast many different sizes of composite sheets in a vertical orientation. This vertical orientation assists the customer in reducing media drag-out & minimizes the footprint required of the blast operation. The growing demands of this business require a versatile machine that will allow them to increase their production capacity & the ABS designed machine is the perfect solution.

This custom blast machine features a roller-conveyor with loading/unloading guides, an internal drive system to consistently feed the sheets through the blast area, 6 blast nozzles, and an automatic vertical abrasive blast lance. The industrial controls package on this machine allows the operator to adjust the speed of the pass-through conveyors as well as the speed of the vertical blast lance.

This automatic blast solution is a great example of a customized blast system that Abrasive Blast Systems can design and implement in your facility. If you have an upcoming or existing blast project that you’re looking to update, replace, or implement, contact Abrasive Blast Systems today to put our blast experience to work for you. Our team of experts is ready and willing to help with all of your abrasive blasting applications.